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DSG Gearbox Oil Change in Kent

Trust Ivydene Garage, your local, independent garage, to preserve your car, delivering prime transmission fluid change service. Now, in Ashford, Kent!

Who we are

DSG Gearbox oil change Doesnt get better in kent

Our legacy stretches over 30 years in the independent garage industry. At Ivydene Garage, we understand the importance of leading vehicle care and maintenance. Entrust your vehicle to our seasoned team for reliable DSG gearbox oil service and reap the benefits of our experienced servicing repairs in Kent.


How It Works

Putting your vehicle’s performance first, Ivydene Garage strides to make every DSG gearbox oil change a breeze. With our efficient service scheduling, drop off your vehicle at our Kent garage and our team of experts will handle the rest.

Your vehicle goes through a comprehensive DSG oil service, which includes a fluid change, fluid drain, and a complete gearbox diagnostics check. We also utilise our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to spot potential issues before they become problems.

Automatic transmission. Automatic gearbox

Benefits For using Ivydene

Choose Ivydene Garage for an effortless DSG gearbox oil change experience. Enjoy the confidence that comes with over 30 years expertise, adventuresome transmissions, prominent ratings, and robust warranty on all services.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re not your typical garage. Our team of experts are certified, and we strongly believe in the continuous improvement of our skills, knowledge, and experiences. We use digital service records where needed to simplify and streamline the repair and maintenance process, offering total transparency to our customers.

Why Consider A DSG Gearbox Oil Change?

Regular DSG gearbox oil changes are essential to ensuring that your vehicle functions smoothly. It keeps your gearbox in peak condition, ensuring optimal performance and extended durability. Don’t wait until you notice problems with your car’s automatic transmission – prevent potential damages with Ivydene’s comprehensive DSG oil service.

Ready To Start Your Journey With Us?

We’re excited to partner with you in maintaining your vehicle’s DSG gearbox. Contact us to schedule your DSG gearbox oil change in Kent today and experience unparalleled service that’s second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

A DSG gearbox oil change involves replacing the old and degraded oil in your vehicle’s Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG). At Ivydene Garage, this service includes a comprehensive DSG oil service with a fluid change, fluid drain, and a complete gearbox diagnostics check.

The frequency of a DSG gearbox oil change may vary depending on the specific automaker’s recommendation and your driving conditions. However, general guidance suggests that it should be done every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Contact us to have your vehicle analyzed by our experts and determine the best maintenance schedule for your gearbox.

Regularly changing your DSG gearbox oil is essential for maintaining optimal vehicle performance. Over time, gearbox oil can degrade and become less effective, potentially leading to increased wear, reduced fuel efficiency, and eventual gearbox failure. Our professional DSG gearbox oil change services ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s gearbox.

Ivydene’s DSG gearbox oil change service is designed to accommodate various needs. We service individual vehicle owners, light commercial vehicle operators, and motor enthusiasts all around Kent and the surrounding areas.