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Ivydene Garage

Bosch Car Service - For everything your car needs.

Is your Air Con due for a service?

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01233 636081
We also do hybrids!


Approved MOT testing centre Ashford, Kent offering Class 4 MOT's

20 Point Safety Check

Ivydene provide a 20 point courtesy check of your vehicle.

Your car does a lot for you...

What can you do for your car?

Take care of your car and your car will take care of you!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning service & re-gas available

Ivydene Garage

Bosch Car Service - For everything your car needs.

Ivydene Garage

Classic & Prestige

Inspection & Maintenance

Regular inspection of your vehicle is necessary to ensure brake safety, engine quality and maintenance of the key components.

Clutch Replacement

Come to Ivydene Garage for your replacement clutch.


Besides skilled mechanics, our workshops are equipped with modern, innovative diagnostic systems for quick and accurate troubleshooting. Your car is in the best hands with us.


Keep your manufacturer's warranty when you get your car serviced with us. We perform repair and maintenance work to the specifications of the manufacturer, so the vehicle remains fully under warranty.

Diagnosis & Repair

At Ivydene we take care of your diagnostic & repair needs.

We pride ourselves on Quality

That is why we are recognised as one of the leading workshop chains worldwide.

Wheel Alignment

Front & Rear Wheel Alignment / Tracking, Ashford Kent.

Over 90 Years of Safety

For everything your car needs


Servicing for all makes & models of vehicle.

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